SHADUF Project


Shaduf members at the kick-off meeting in Brussels, 2004

The SHADUF Project officially began on 1st July, 2004. The first meeting was held in Brussels, Belgium on 9th July, 2004. Four follow-up meetings were held in Adrar (Algeria), Valencia (Spain), Brussels (Belgium), and Florence (Italy).

In addition, a dissemination event and a SHADUF meeting took place in Crete on the occasion of the 1st IWA International Symposium on "Water and Wastewater Technologies in Ancient Civilizations", 28-30 October 2006, Iraklio, Greece. The final meeting is scheduled to take place in Cairo (Egypt),

in September 2007.

The project aims to create a database of traditional techniques and to focus attention on the rich and diverse water harvesting, water irrigation and wastewater-related heritage in the Mediterranean region. It also aims to provide a model of how archaeological data, integrated with historical information and traditional knowledge, can be used to build a new awareness of the role of water and wastewater in contemporary society and nature. This approach will integrate a long-term understanding of water management with efforts to establish sustainable development strategies.